Intern Plant Engineer

Location: Wageningen Campus
Type: Internship (24-36 ECTS)
Start: Fall 2022

Function Description

The proposed internship subject is about motion induced plant stress in a new mobile tomato plant cultivation concept. You will be helping with executing experiments, measuring plants and setting up your own tests in the greenhouse. In the mobile cultivation system, the growth of the crop is adjusted to better suit the needs of robots. You will examine preliminary experiments testing variables like motion speed, start/stop stress, and inducing friction stress onto leaves. Short-term effects on stomata and long-term plant physiological effects in a mobile plant cultivation will be monitored.

Used skills

  • Greenhouse Cultivation
  • Scrum
  • Non-experimental Research
  • Data Analytics

Company Background

At Saia Agrobotics we have a mission to bring the revolution of robotics and artificial intelligence to agriculture, to help solve the labor problems in this sector and to provide the world with a more sustainable solution for future food security. Worldwide there is a high pressure on agriculture to automate further. Although the world produces enough calories to feed 20 billion people today, the yields in fresh foods will have to increase sustainably to provide a healthy meal for all. Furthermore, fewer people are willing to do menial labor in the greenhouse than ever before. We strongly believe robotics is an important part of the solution. Saia is developing a revolutionary new way of growing, where plants are made mobile and visit centralized maintenance stations.

You will be joining a close knit, young and ambitious interdisciplinary team with high technological skills that are required to innovate towards a new agricultural future. Our start-up operations are situated at the Wageningen Campus, world leading in food tech. Nearby, in a greenhouse the technology is integrated and tested.

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