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Automate your Greenhouse


We move single plants to you

With single plants, automation becomes a breeze...

Single plants are easy to see

Moving plants can be viewed from all sides freely. Now you can track plant health frequently, knowing exactly what the plant needs. Artificial Intelligence by SAIA will recognise which truss is ready for harvest. Based on the ripeness preferences of the grower, our A.I. will do this job accurately and keep track of all potential yield in the greenhouse.

We move single plants to you

In contrast of the status-quo where vegetable plants grow up to 30 meters in length in a messy jungle, SAIA developed a unique patented growing method that keeps plants short and vertical. This makes plants moveable. Best of all, it provides higher yields too.

"Save 50% of your labour,
with better yields"

Operating a greenhouse is a challenging business. Attracting experienced staff and managing large scale facilities demand new technologies to keep operating with top level quality.

SAIA supplies greenhouse growers worldwide with a unique patented automation solution. Through the combination of a mobile plant system, smart A.I. and the world's fastest robotic harvester, operating large scale greenhouses is simplified.


Our Solution

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The SAIA Greenhouse

Together with leading Dutch greenhouse industry partners, SAIA built the world's first Automated Greenhouse where plants move, A.I. keeps an eye on the crop and robots do the work.

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